No More

A Civil Servant

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No More a Civil Servant continues a narrative that started with Not Just a Civil Servant and was sustained through Ethical Dilemmas of a Civil Servant. Anil Swarup has poured in his vast experience as a Civil Servant to narrate stories that give hope despite the adverse circumstances in which Civil Servants often work. The excellent works of Swarup’s batchmates of 1981 form a significant highlight of the book. Many myths about Civil Servants are shattered, and tales of their good work for the sake of good is being recounted, which kindles a ray of hope. Anil Swarup also narrates his encounters with the present Prime Minister and his Office, which forms one of the most exciting parts of the book. Furthermore, the tales of The Nexus of Good Foundation also depict the stories of good governance and can be replicated. This book looks beyond cynicism towards improvements.

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“No More a Civil Servant” is all about the hope that emanates from the good work happening around us that we often ignore."
Nandan Nilekani
Chairman and Co-founder Infosys and Founding Chairman, UIDAI (Aadhar)
This book is essential read for every Civil Service Officer to learn and experience without waiting for time to teach—Because every civil servant is the sheet anchor of the administration.
Kiran Bedi
Former Lieutenant Governer, Puducherry
A very refreshing account of some civil servants and civil society members engaged in providing excellence in their work and improving quality of life of the common man.
B. K Chaturvedi
Former Cabinet Secretary, Government of India