Ethical Dilemmas Of

A Civil Servant

  • Ethics
  • Integrity
  • Aptitude

Ethical Dilemmas of a Civil Servant by Anil Swarup is a must-read for all the Civil Services aspirants out there. The book explores the various aspects of ethical dilemmas faced by Civil Servants during their tenure. The information in this book is extremely beneficial for UPSC Mains GS-IV paper Ethics, Integrity, and Aptitude. Having served the Government in different capacities, Shri Anil Swarup’s book is one that has colourful anecdotes and his rich experiences. The content can be utilised in writing good case studies and scoring well in the UPSC CSE Ethics paper. The book is divided into five parts, each part covering different experiences, difficulties faced and various aspects of public governance. This book is one of a kind as it explores important dimensions of actions and attitudes of civil servants as they progress in their careers.

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