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What make matters worse is the absence of any well-defined, legally tenable & universally acceptable model code of conduct for officers that define ethics. Coupled with political vendetta this spells the perfect recipe for disaster for them.

Anil Swarup


Former IAS officer

About Author

Explore books by Anil Swarup. Dive into the experience of former IAS Officer & founder of Nexus of Good.

Born in Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh,  Anil Swarup earned his Master’s Degree in 1978 in Political Science from Allahabad University. He was also awarded the Chancellor’s Gold Medal for being the Best All-Round Student. He started his career in the Indian Police Service but joined the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) a year later, in 1981. He won the Director’s Gold Medal for the best Officer Trainee at the Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration amongst the officers of his batch.

For 38 years, he attempted to ‘make things happen’ as a civil servant. He won several awards and nominations. Noteworthy among them were being nominated as one of the Policy Change Agents by The Economic Times during 2010, 2012, 2015 and 2016, and being selected as one of the 35 Action Heroes in India Today’s 35th Annual Edition.

He is the Founder Chairman of Nexus of Good: an initiative towards recognising positive action and providing inspiration to society to replicate them. Having authored the bestsellers Not Just a Civil Servant and Ethical Dilemmas of a Civil Servant, he rounds off this trilogy with some of the unique stories that emerge from his post-retirement work and his passionate involvement with Nexus of Good.

No More A Civil Servant

No More a Civil Servant continues a narrative that started with Not Just a Civil Servant and was sustained through Ethical Dilemmas of a Civil Servant. Anil Swarup has poured in his vast experience as a Civil Servant to narrate stories that give hope despite the adverse circumstances in which Civil Servants often work. The excellent works of Swarup’s batchmates of 1981 form a significant highlight of the book. Many myths about Civil Servants are shattered, and tales of their good work for the sake of good is being recounted, which kindles a ray of hope. Anil Swarup also narrates his encounters with the present Prime Minister and his Office, which forms one of the most exciting parts of the book. Furthermore, the tales of The Nexus of Good Foundation also depict the stories of good governance and can be replicated.

Ethical Dilemmas Of A Civil Servant

Ethical Dilemmas of a Civil Servant by Anil Swarup is a must-read for all the Civil Services aspirants out there. The book explores the various aspects of ethical dilemmas faced by Civil Servants during their tenure. The information in this book is extremely beneficial for UPSC Mains GS-IV paper Ethics, Integrity, and Aptitude. Having served the Government in different capacities, Shri Anil Swarup’s book is one that has colorful anecdotes and his rich experiences. The content can be utilized in writing good case studies and scoring well in the UPSC CSE Ethics paper. The book is divided into five parts, each part covering different experiences, difficulties faced and various aspects of public governance. This book is one of a kind as it explores important dimensions of actions and attitudes of civil servants as they progress in their careers.