GS 28 Years

About the Book

The contribution of General Studies in UPSC Examination is humongous and thus, aspirants need to be adept at the subject to realise their dream of joining the Indian Civil Services. In the Prelims, there is an entire paper of General Studies and in the Mains its contribution is more than 50%. Even in the Interview Phase, the subject helps enormously. That’s the reason why, the subject gets more importance than the Optional Subjects. So, it is extremely important that aspirants are well aware of the subject and types of questions asked.

A ready reckoner for UPSC aspirants, 28 Years General Studies is a must for every aspirant, who wants to join the Indian Bureaucratic Brigade. This book covers all the essential topics needed to be discussed during the UPSC preparation for an easy ride towards success. Drafted by Unique Research Academy in collaboration with UPSC Gurus, this book helps aspirants to comprehend General Studies in a holistic way.

Ways in which the book can make you a pro in General Studies and help you clear the UPSC

  • You get an in-depth knowledge about the subject, which would help you to ace the UPSC Examination with much ease.
  • Covers all the topics under Indian History, Indian Polity & Economics, Geography & Environment and General Science & Technology, which would not only help you in the GS Paper, but also in other Papers.
  • With previous years’ questions and detailed answers, the book would give you a fair idea about the type of questions asked and how to answer them.
  • As the syllabus of the subject is vast, it is difficult to decide which topics to be covered primarily. That is why; this book has been articulately crafted covering only the essential topics, rather than filling the book with unnecessary junk.

Index of topics covered in the book

  1. History of India - Ancient India, Medieval India, Modern India and Art & Culture
  2. Indian Polity and Economics - Indian Polity and Governance, Economics and Social Development
  3. Geography and Environment - World Geography; Indian Geography; Environmental Ecology, Biodiversity and Climate Change
  4. General Science and Technology - Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Science & Technology


“Looking at the demand of the book, it is definite that this book is a must for UPSC aspirants. We have been selling books for a long time now and just like any other book from Unique Publishers, this book is another gem.” – Jain Book Agency