Samanya Gyan Digdarshan

About the Book

Digdarshan by Unique Publishers is the best book for General Studies in the preparation for civil services examinations. The book has been drafted with the solo aim to impart an in-depth knowledge about the subject, while keeping you updated about the recent current affairs around the world. Ranging from Indian Economics, Polity to Sports and Computers, the book covers everything in detail to make you more prepared for the coveted exam.

With several added topics like International Organisations, Census, Awards and Honours etc., the book is a must need for every aspirant, who wants to realise his or her dream of joining the Indian Bureaucratic Brigade. Along with all these, the book also has an extra chapter on Indian States and Union Territories and updated data on Economy and Agriculture.

About the Author

Unique Research Academy, with its years of experience, has always helped students in guiding them towards success. Over the years, the Academy has created several books of unmatched quality on different subjects and thus, their books are the most sought-after in the country. With a brilliant team of domain leaders and subject experts, the Academy is well known for rigorous research process they follow, while drafting a book.


“Digdarshan is the best available book for General Studies during UPSC preparation. We have been in the business for quite some time now and we can say that this book by Unique Publishers is a necessity for every civil services aspirant.” – Pal Book Store